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Actual projects/

MAD emergent art center
art science and technology lab [director]

Grafico de Poost
concept design publishing [director]

GroenLinks Dutch political party
[member of council Waalre]

Open Data Eindhoven
Platform for Open Data development and implementation

Dutch news site for innovation related to Brainport

Upgrade! Eindhoven
Node in global Upgrade! network

broadband art channel

inter society for electronic arts

ICT Brabant
regional ICT business club
[board member]

Design Academy Alumni

SigChi NL
Computer Human Interface professionals

business club Ekenrooi
[board member]

Parapsychology research
[board member]

Slimste Woning
Smart Homes' demonstration house

Digital City of Eindhoven region

Welcome / Introduction

Personal homepage of René Paré. For questions and other messages follow the 'contact' link.
This page is the portal to my professional relations, interests and activities. If you have questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact me.

Personal data:

Born: 1956, Oss, The Netherlands

Main education: Design Academy Eindhoven (1985)

Also net-connected through:

Facebook: renepare
Twitter: renepare / GLpare
Skype: erapener
Second Life: Oppih Pera
Flickr: doemaarietsanders
WikiPedia: Pare
SlideShare: renepare
Rhizome: MAD
Hyves: Pare
DSE: pare


  • PULS 2009 catalogue
  • DVD release GeoCam 2009
  • Column Be-Linked february 2008
  • CityTV Image Radio
  • Image Radio catalogue 2008
  • ETAC Creative Challenge Call 2007
  • Image Radio catalogue 2007
  • Holy TAC! 2007 artist statement on Rad van Fortuin Cave
  • Column on smart living. Kiss Magazine #2, 2006
  • Eindhovens Dagblad
  • Column on automation/robotics in our home. Kiss Magazine #1, 2005.
  • Brabant Cultuur
  • Cursor TU/e
  • Cultuur en economie EZ website
  • Eindhovens Dagblad
  • Review of 'The New Everyday'. Slim Wonen Magazine #3, 2004.
  • Essay on automation/robotics in our home. Slim Wonen Magazine #7, 2004.

Recent (group) exhibitions:

  • The Family of Form - Ambient Lifestyle - Designhuis Eindhoven january
    - march 2007
  • Altar Ego / Holy Tac - Rad van Fortuin Cave - TAC Eindhoven october 2007
  • Via Ventose - SOS - TAC Eindhoven 2007
  • TU/e 50: selection of photographs; TU/e Eindhoven 2006

What's new?

Open Data Eindhoven is planning the conference April 20, 2012

We enjoy the great 2011 Eindhoven events Dutch Design Week, GLOW and STRP!

MAD highlight of 2011: Hacking the City event

From October 2010 MAD is located in the former Schellens factory, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven. A very nice lab space with lots of light, in the center of the city along the Dommel river.